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This is where I dump my original music and cover videos and audio. Take a listen. 


This is a song about questioning and trying to recover from bipolar/schizophrenic disorder and having to deal with it everyday. For people who always talk to themselves and feel undecided and uncertain about things around them and their feelings toward the world. Inspired by Nick Sax of the TV series Happy! and the characters of the film Glass.


This song is about & for people having depression and suicidal ideation (some of whom I personally know). Completed this for a songwriting challenge 
#TuloyAngBuhay on a songwriters group page.
It's ok to feel down but it's good to know why/when/how to bounce back also. Life goes on. life is wonderful. cheers!


This song is about people who try to convince you to do something, which they themselves don't want to do. Such things make them happy and hippie, but knowing that they also contribute negatively to the world and not recognise such negative contributions make them hypocrites as they are. 
This was written around 2014 with my band Aliens Killed the Beef Killed the President. 

AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME (Backstreet Boys)

Just a short guitar cover of the pop song 'As  Long As You Love Me' by the Backstreet Boys

(Bill Withers)

An pluriinstrumental cover of the song 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Bill Withers. Recorded this one just after Bill Withers died, as a tribute. 

(Ace of Base)

I always hear this song when I was young because my school use this as our exercise song. Decided to learn the groove and did a bass cover of the song 'Beautiful Life' by Ace of Base. Life really is beautiful. 

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